The individual CityVenture app

Your escape room digital, central and outdoor

Turn your city into a spectacular experience and send your customers out of the escape rooms and into reality 2.0!

  • Dialogue simulation, live-escape and digital scavenger hunt in one
  • Individually developed for your needs
  • Realize your own ideas with our experts in your App

Through the combination of GPS tracking and storytelling, your customers puzzle their way through the city.

Simon and Jonas from CityVenture explain how they intend to bring outdoor escape rooms to German cities and how escape rooms will enable you to digitally expand your offering.

Click here to go directly to the podcast! (Lebegeil Media) (in german speach)

With the tablet through the city

In CityVenture, a group of about six people walks through the city with a tablet for up to two hours and solves puzzles (digital and analogue), which are linked to a dialogue simulation and a story. CityVenture combines live-escape and digital scavenger hunt in an app developed individually for your needs.

Whether a quick start with our proven license or a completely custom-made app, we have the right offer for every budget. We deliver the ready-to-play tablets, pre-installed with your app, so you can start right away. These also work offline, without internet, in your city.

The CityVenture app can increase your escape-room revenue...

Zehnter Aufzaehlungspunkt Independence of existing facilities
Elfter Aufzaehlungspunkt new offers for existing and new customers
Zwoelfter Aufzaehlungspunkt less personnel costs

You will be given a flexible escape room, in which you will be able to participate yourself, by...

Siebter Aufzaehlungspunkt free choice of starting point for the groups
Achter Aufzaehlungspunkt no delays in the process, as the groups act independently
Neunter Aufzaehlungspunkt individually created app for you (story, puzzle, GPS points)

Your Escape-Room will be innovative, because it will be digital and usable everywhere, through...

Vierter Aufzaehlungspunkt using the whole city as an individual escape room (no space problems!)
Fuenfter Aufzaehlungspunkt the possibility of cooperation with other institutions in the city (tourist offices, cafés etc.)
Sechster Aufzaehlungspunkt an individually programmed app for your company

Highly professional you present yourself and your escape puzzles, through...

Erster Aufzaehlungspunkt an individual story for your city and desired topic (horror, horror, crime, fun, history etc.)
Zweiter Aufzaehlungspunkt Application of scientific motivational psychology
Dritter Aufzaehlungspunkt Full service offer

What our players say about the digital outdoor escape room

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In addition, dialogues, content and mini-games can be tailored to your individual needs.
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City-Venture auf einem Tablet