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Basic Features

Story for your city
Dialogue simulation (storytelling)
Navigation of the group by GPS
Individuelle GPS Punkte
Individual GPS points
Digital and analogue puzzles
Innovative branding / design
the required hardware (tablets)
also available offline
Customer Service
Technical support services
Territorial protection


Possible additional features

Sound and video integration
Evaluation of points at the end of the game
Multilingual support
Individual digital puzzles according to your wishes
More stories at a discounted price
Live tracking of the progress between the groups
Integration of Augmented Reality elements
Use of QR Codes
Team Challenges (competition element)
Photo function


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One-off payment   Price per group
(with 5 people)
  Groups per week

4.990,00 €
75,00 €


This gives rise to revenue of:

3.000,00 € per month

Amortizes after: 19 month(s)


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