Dialogue simulation

Experience puzzles with digital conversation partners!

During their journey, players are accompanied by one or more digital conversation partners. These tell the players what is happening in the story and where they can find the next stations and puzzles in the area.

In addition, these digital conversation partners also give hints and tips on the individual puzzles.

With a special interactive dialogue tree different ways and results can be defined. This creates exciting and immersive stories. Through different answer options and dialogue trees, which influence the further story, the players have to make exciting decisions.

GPS scavenger hunt

Hunt together in groups through the city!

Even though the game itself does not require internet access, the GPS coordinates can be queried. With them you can determine very exactly where the group is at the moment.

On the overview map, which shows the area within the radius of action, you can see your current location and can orientate yourself better. When the group approaches the previously determined GPS points, the interactive dialogue simulation continues automatically and gives the players the next instructions to solve the puzzle.

If desired, several groups can track each other via GPS and thus compete against each other.


Let yourself be drawn into exciting stories thanks to the interactive interface!

In order to give the whole game a rounded arc, the puzzles are embedded in a specially developed exciting story. The story and goals of the game are explained via the dialogue simulation.

The story unfolds and the players are always directly involved. Sound and video sequences can also be added if desired.


Whether analog or digital - a multitude of mini-games awaits you!

At the individual stations, digital or analog mini-games adapted to the puzzles can be used.

These mini-games are harmoniously embedded into the story via the dialogue simulation

Mini-games can be for example: stencil game with camera, crossword puzzle, hidden object and sorting game, etc. Of course we can develop further analogue or digital mini-games together with you, which will be perfectly integrated into your story.

Augmented reality

Experience digital objects in real space!

With Augmented Reality, animated 3D content can be merged with the real world. Digital content can thus appear in the action.

Triggered by a reached GPS coordinate or a QR code, the content is projected directly into the real world with the help of the camera and you can move around these projected objects in real time.

Of course, these projections can also be provided with sound and thus interact with the players.

Full individuality

Anything is possible. We know no limits!

All shown contents are the basic building blocks for CityVenture. Building on this basis we would like to create your very own and individual escape-room product with you.

We are flexible in terms of content creation. Story, GPS points, mini-games, design can all be customized.

You have an exciting story, but don't know how the mini-games could look like? No problem. We create the content for them.

You have a rough idea how the route in the city could be, but you just can't find a good story? No problem. We'll write a story that fits your town.

Did this little insight into the possibilities of the CityVenture app?

Then have a look at our offers or make an appointment with one of our consultants.