Our answers to frequently asked questions

How does the implementation process work?


In an appointment at your location, we will record your individual wishes and then create an initial concept with our experts.

The following questions will be clarified during the appointment:

  • Which target group do you want to address with your app?
  • Are there any special features in your city or city history?
  • Are there exciting places (GPS) in your city?
  • Are there any wishes for puzzles, story or difficulty levels?
  • Should the story be adapted to your existing escape rooms?

We will create your individual app on the basis of the developed points.

What do you need from us?


In general, you can sit back and let us do the work. However, experience shows that we get the best results when we can use your expertise for the city, local conditions and your customers to produce the best possible app for you.


How long does the implementation take?


Since our offer is an individual production, the implementation time depends on the respective effort. However, our experience has shown that the average implementation time is two to three months. You have a high deadline pressure? Just talk to us.


What exactly do we get for our money?


  • Your individual Live-Escape-App. Designed and programmed by our experts according to your wishes
  • This includes an individually created story and the matching puzzles (analog & digital)
  • We deliver the ready-to-play tablets, pre-installed with your app, so you can start playing right away
  • No license fees or annual fees
  • Technical support & service even after completion
How many puzzles are possible per city?


The number of about eight puzzles has established itself, which leads to an approximate playing time of 2.5 hours. In general there are no limits to the number of puzzles.


What exactly can be individualized?


You will get an individually created story in your desired setting (e.g. horror, crime, fun or whatever your imagination allows). Also the playable puzzles will be created individually for you. To tell a thrilling, exciting story, our dialogue simulation has proven to be a very practical tool. It enables a high level of immersion for the players and can of course be designed individually with your wishes.


Why should we cooperate with you?


We are an expert team of programmers, game designers and motivational psychologists who will create an individual live-escape app for you. With us there is no mass processing with always the same stories and puzzles.


Any more questions? We will gladly answer them!

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